How it works

What is it?

SupScript is a programming langauge that I made for users to edit gameplay in my games, soon you will be able to make other stuff such as games and software.

The Supereo Game Lab IDE is SupScripts official coding editor, it includes compiling, exporting to game addon files, live syntax coloring and a nice clean interface.

How is it different to other programming languages?

SupScipt has a few things that make it very different to most programming languages.

First, you cannot use many characters as they are not needed when coding, although this does mean you can not use them when setting string vars.

(example chars not allowed: ! , ? : ( ) { } £ $ % ^ & * _ + ~ @)

Second, You are only limited to one line (pressing the enter key does nothing). This does not mean you cant write big files, it just means you have to write on one line, Supereo Game Lab Ide make it split up into a box instead of all the code being on the same Y axis.

Please note: These may change in the future!